The bath made of timber blocking

The bath made of timber blocking

The firm "MED" offers a bath from a log. If your desire to match your abilities, then you definitely need to build a sauna. What is its charm? Bath it is not just a pleasant pastime, but also health! Measured bath procedure, good steam, and the whisk will help you with interest to experience the significance and importance of such buildings, of which you will never regret!

Construction bath from a log house is not much different from the construction of wooden houses. It uses the same technology and equipment. Typically, the construction of the bath begins primarily with site selection. It is recommended to build a bath on a small hill, as the pipes should be inclined to the waste pit, and a structure, in any case, should not collect waste water. To ensure easy flow of water, it is best to build bath near any water source. What follows is no less important question regarding the foundation, on which depends the reliability and durability of construction. Of course, first of all, take into account the nature of the soil. To date, the best option is to tape or columnar concrete foundations.

Given the size of the desired construction, is the well-spread plan, namely the number of rooms. Inattention took the desired wall thickness. Baths from a log house built with monolayer or multilayer walls. The best material for the construction of baths is conifers. They have all required properties: high density, high heat capacity, low thermal conductivity, and quickly absorb vapor while maintaining the relative humidity and temperature. A characteristic feature of coniferous wood is to separate aromatics under high humidity and elevated temperature.

Before the start of construction of the bath with a log house is necessary to take into account several factors:

  • all the requirements and wishes of the client on the project, as well as financial issues
  • size, topography and landscape features of your land
  • architecture, beam material, the elements of the desired bath decor with log

The firm "MED" provides a full range of services for the construction of a bath with a log. We accept orders for log cabins of different configurations, kitting-up and sizes. Made design of any complexity. The company's specialists will advise and provide you with all the necessary information you need to know to avoid mistakes in the construction and punctures. Our employees will help you with the choice of architecture, recommend the most suitable and reliable material. All the conditions and characteristics of the work are discussed individually with each client.

Please contact our team with confidence, and you will be satisfied with their choice and quality of the work done.