A house log

A house log

A house log in recent years increasingly used in the construction. It is often used for the construction of small hotels, boarding houses in the mountains or just houses for permanent residence. Very often you can find arbors, outbuildings and a bath from a bar. Buildings of such material, though not particularly cheap, but still help to save on interior and exterior. In its processing timber can be shaped and glued.

Our company produces lumber for the house to order. Houses made of wood characterized by the fact that they can keep warm, thanks to the wood structure. Preserving natural species timber gives the house an extraordinary beauty. When selecting materials for the construction of houses should take into account the properties of these materials and features of appearance. For the construction of the wall of the house is used most often shaped beam with a cross section from 170 to 200 mm. Houses from profiled timber immediately after the construction of suitable accommodation and do not require time to shrink. Our company offers customers the production of timber in order for the individual building, and implementation of house construction. We also produce round timber for construction.

A house bar made sawmill on our company and using the latest equipment. In the first stages of processing wood, log is cleared of bark and knots. After that, the prepared timber cylinder. After cylinder, according to the standards, the beam will be perfectly smooth. This quality is very important in the construction, as between the bars should be no gaps or holes.

Брус под дом

Final preparation of timber for house-to-use is cutting out of grooves on its surface. These slots are used for assembly of the wood structure. Thanks to this technology, the construction of timber houses and simplifies the assembly resembles a simple constructor. A house bar can be ordered in our company, and you get a quality product. For all issues related to the production of timber and building houses out of it, please contact the staff at the numbers listed on the site.