The wooden house. Pros and cons

The wooden house is a classic. The centuries-old tradition and centuries-old trust. The first association arising from the phrase "wooden house" is a peasant's log hut, a fantastic picture house located on the edge of the forest. The term of operation of a wooden house can amount to tens of years, of course, provided proper construction and operation. A competent and well thought-out project of building the wooden houses for the price is not much less than the brick house, the better the material, the higher its value. However, there are many myths entwined around wooden structures related to fire safety, reliability, construction material, operating conditions, and many other nuances.

One of the most common myths concerning wooden buildings, especially houses it is a high risk of fire and as mentioned earlier, it is a myth. Today, treatment equipment, various protective measures that minimize the probability of ignition of wood. But there is another fact testifying in favor of the wood, is its stability, even under heavy loads - in a word - a high degree of strength of the load-bearing structures. In order to wooden beam collapsed, it must be burned or smolder at least half, and in contrast to metals, wood is less susceptible to deformation.

The next myth is rotting wood material and the material resistance to external aggressors. Given the fact that the tree is a 100% natural raw materials, it is, of course, is subject to decay, fray out etc. However, lumber is an entirely different matter, which not only lends itself to special treatments but also necessarily well dried and has passed all the necessary stages of impregnation of treatment, varnishes, which effectively protect and significantly increase the service life. In order to best protect themselves from such problems, it is important not only well-treated wood but choose wisely of the construction site, where the minimum is going to water. Also, recommend planting as many trees around the house that will soak up all the moisture.

Separate comfortable and practical aspect in the construction of a wooden house, it is the construction of the foundation, which can be a monolith as wood is in weight significantly inferior to brick, so the foundation may not be as powerful as for bricks. No need to also attract heavy construction equipment for the installation of the building, which also considerably saves time and money.

On the advantages of wood, you can say much more needs, but the choice is always yours, but you will in any case not to lose if you decide to take this step, as success depends on the mood, with which you do it. Put soul into the house, will fulfill it at 100%.