The houses made from shaped beam

Nowadays, houses made from natural wood became popular among people who want to lead a healthy way of life. The market immediately presents a new direction the construction of houses from profiled beams. The prices of such housing will vary depending on customer requirements and the cost of materials used.

What is the superiority of the houses from profiled timber? These buildings are characterized by high insulation values. This quality house is very profitable for the owners because it helps to save on heating. Such houses are blocking the sound and characterized by high seismic resistance. Though in Ukraine and there are no strong earthquakes, but it does not free us from unnecessary precaution. After all, houses are built of corrugated timber for centuries.

Wood is durable material. Its structure is beneficial to the indoor air. Do not forget that for the houses of profiled and glued using environmentally friendly technologies. If you are concerned about the possibility of fires, while in the construction of the house, use special fire-retardant materials, which enhance the reliability and safety of your home.

Houses made of beams have several advantages. The advantage of these buildings is the lack of the need for interior decoration. This fact significantly reduces the price of construction costs, compared to the brick house. All elements of the house are manufactured with high accuracy, simplifying installation.

After the shrinkage, the house of the shaped timber is not necessary to insulate it by means of special materials. Your home will not be afraid of extreme weather events. Rainwater and melted snow water can not get between the bars. Due to the specific location of bars, exclude the possibility of the emergence of pockets of decay.

To build a house from profiled timber uses one of the most popular building materials. Modern technologies are constantly introduced into the manufacturing process of materials and construction of the necessary adjustments to homes that improve reliability and reduce construction costs.

If you decide to build a house from profiled timber can be made secure accommodation for you, your seven and future generations. In contrast to the conventional timber, profiled has a precise shape. This makes it possible not only in the shortest possible time to mount a house, but also improve the performance of its walls (heat, aesthetic appearance).

Houses made of beams can have a variety of destination. Our specialists are engaged in the construction of houses, dachas, gazebos, saunas, commercial buildings, exquisite wooden cottages.

To start the construction work of our company employees should be familiar with the site intended for the construction of houses from profiled bars. After surveying and necessary measurements, studies of geological features of the area, the planning process begins. At this stage the model of the house. We work in accordance with the views and wishes of our customers and are building the house that differs in size and design.