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Modular dryer


Modular dryer "Siona"

The universal Modular drying chamber is used for drying, edged and unedged lumber of various tree species. Drying debugged work in three modes: soft, normal and boosted. Dimensions allow drying to dry logs with a diameter up to 250 mm.

The main advantages of modular drying "Siona":

  • Automation - automatic computer control of drying processes in accordance with well-defined parameters and algorithms;
  • High-quality and reliable drying of wood;
  • Quality lumber remains unchanged with a decrease in the duration of the drying process
  • Filling the entire chamber is not a prerequisite for the start of work. The drying process can begin with the board 1 timber/boards.
  • Uninterruptible power supply support the normal operation of all control and protection systems;

Woodworking four-side planer with CNC

Woodworking four-side planer with CNC

It operates on the basis of the latest patented method of obtaining relief surfaces. With this machine is debugged production of such types of products: Production of lining, decorative floor board, parquet manufacturing plinths, Manufacturing baguette, Decorative fireplaces, Production of decorative panels, windows, doors and other items of furniture.

Cylinder machine

Cylinder machine

These machines are widely used for the treatment of timber rounded details, log cabins of round timber. Machines provide high-quality and accuracy of processing, even if large load volumes in the processing of large elements. Having passed all the required finish to cylinder machine, logs absolutely suitable for the construction of various wooden objects.

Band sawmill

Band sawmill

Industrial band sawmill provides high-quality and precision and cutting. With established debarker is a device designed to remove bark and debris from the place of cut, it allows for a high-quality product. Hydraulic controls mechanism allows operators to continuously monitor and control the level of tension of the saw.

Woodworking CNC milling machines

Woodworking CNC milling machines

Woodworking CNC milling machines are used for a variety of milling operations on wood, chipboard, MDF, acrylic, etc. Availability of CNC system allows to realize the work of the high level of complexity for applying shaped labels and patterns, engraving, milling, manufacturing friezes.

>Laser CNC machine

Laser CNC machine

Laser engraving is one of the most common methods of applying a wide variety of images and graphics. Thus, the finished product is not damaged as it is carried a minimal impact on the material surface.

Due to the operation of the progressive engraving may apply complex drawings, photographs, given halftones and shading.

It allows you to perform all kinds of artistic and geometric designs and figures in stone and glass. The machine is practical and easy to use in the production of souvenirs and promotional items, as well as all sorts of items for exclusive furniture.

The machine can handle such materials: organic glass, chipboard, MDF, rubber, stone, ceramic, plastic, acrylic, wood, bamboo, plywood, veneer and thin metal.

Characteristics of laser-engraving machines:

  • High-quality of work
  • Precision work
  • Simple and available in operation

· Supports all standard formats of CAD and image formats are BMP, GIF, HPGL, JPEG, PCS, TGA, TIFF, PLT, DST, DXP, DXF, DWG, CDR.

Band sawmill

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