Advantages of wooden house

Advantages of wooden house

The wood is a traditional type of building material, which is characterized by high technological properties and reliability characteristics. The natural beauty of wood texture, its durable surface gives the building a special aesthetic appearance.

The wooden house atmosphere of positive effect on the overall physical condition of the person: pleasant aroma of wood calms, sunlight creates a soft and warm sanctification in this room you will be able to completely relax and unwind. However, there are also more rational reasons why wooden houses are far superior to brick.

The main advantages of a wooden house:

  • Wood is able to "breathe" it means that the room is always clean air, and the humidity level is constantly maintained at an optimum level, ensuring comfort of living for all inhabitants of the house
  • The low thermal conductivity of wood - which means that your home will always be warm, even if the window would frost. In summer, the tree will provide a pleasant coolness and freshness of the air
  • Thermal insulation is an advantage on the face one cylinder timber layer thickness is equal to 2 bricks. You save significantly on the building material, while the construction of buildings of brick operational and easier than building a house out of bricks. Moreover, you save yourself from the problem of attracting heavy construction equipment
  • The service life of a wooden house unlimited. The tree can withstand an unlimited number of freeze-thaw cycles. With proper care of the house, you build a facility that will serve and your children and great-grandchildren
  • Wooden house inside
  • Do not worry about what timbers are exposed to external aggressors. With proper treatment and impregnation of the raw material, you protect yourself from these problems
  • The wooden house it is an environmentally friendly facility; none of the inhabitants of the house will have an allergy or any discomfort.
  • Wooden buildings resistant to earthquakes and hurricanes

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